Incoho Saves $35 million with Mekko Graphics charts

Operating since 2001, Incoho is headquartered in Chicago, IL. Incoho Consulting Group provides strategy and operational consulting to large U.S. utilities.

Industry: Consulting

“Mekko Graphics’ Marimekko charts helped us show senior management where most of their expenses were.  They were aware of absolute spending amounts, but didn’t have a good picture of relative spending by department and budget item.  Once they saw the charts, light bulbs went on.  We were able to recommend $35 million in cost savings.”

--Matthew Ward, Incoho Consulting Group.

Business needs:

  • Incoho Consulting Group was engaged by a large gas and electric company to significantly reduce operations and maintenance costs.
  • Consultants required market maps to chart expenses across departments and expense categories.


  • Interview managers and gather data on expenses across departments, developing a consistent categorization scheme.
  • Create Marimekko charts to illustrate what was being spent in different areas of the company.
  • Develop a presentation to senior management that highlights spending and suggests cost savings.

Success / Highlights:

  • Marimekko charts showed senior management the relative amounts being spent by department and expense category.
  • Charts helped the consultants get buy-in for the proposed changes.
  • Recommendations resulted in $35 million in cost savings over two years.