Travelocity moves the needle on their P&L with Mekko Graphics charts


Travelocity is a leading provider of consumer-direct travel services for the leisure and business traveler. It markets and distributes travel-related products and services directly to individuals through Travelocity and its various brand Web sites and contact centers, and Web sites owned by its supplier and distribution partners.

Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism

“Mekko Graphics charts help us improve clarity within our operations teams.  The charts reinforce the 80-20 rule.  They get people to work on what really moves the needle on our P&L.”

--Carrie Fisher, VP Global Strategy.

Business needs:

  • Travelocity markets and distributes multiple products (e.g., air, hotel, rental cars) to both business and leisure travelers in many different markets around the world.
  • Senior management needed powerful graphics to gain insights into their complex business.
  • Travelocity management required charts that could help them share strategic and financial information with management at Sabre, their parent.


  • Create stacked bar and Marimekko charts to convey basic customer segment and industry information.
  • Use relative market share (RMS) bubble charts to display competitor size and growth.
  • Build waterfall charts to identify areas where strategic or financial changes can improve profits.

Success / Highlights:

  • Improve communication with senior management with respect to where to invest and where to reduce costs.
  • Focus the work of operations teams by highlighting the key factors that lead to revenue and profit growth.
  • Educate teams to ignore the little things that don’t have a significant impact on the business, driving value through a ‘less is more’ approach.