Marimekko Chart of Fundraising by Candididate and Party for the 2016 Presidential Primary

Presidential Campaign Money Race

Running for president can be expensive.  The presidential candidates have raised over $ 740 million directly and through their political action committees (PACs).  The Republican candidates have raised over twice as much as the Democrats.  Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the leading money raisers.  Donald Trump has raised the least yet still leads many polls and is favored to win the New Hampshire primary.  The Marimekko chart below shows money raised by candidate through January 31, 2016 and is based on data from the New York Times.Presidential Campaign Money Race

In other publications, I saw this data in a table or in a simple bar chart.  Unlike the bar chart, the Marimekko allows us to group the candidate's fundraising by party.  You can see the proportion of total funds raised by each party and the proportion of each party's total that is raised by each candidate.  I added data rows to show how fundraising was related to select outcomes.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: