Bar Mekko Chart of Projected GDP Growth for Top 10 Economies

Projected Economic Growth for Top 10 Countries

India will lead all other major economies in growth over the next decade, according to data from the Harvard University Center for International Development.  India's projected annual growth rate of 7.2% is 40% greater than China's and almost five times greater than Germany's.  The bar-mekko chart below graphs the projected annual growth rate and the GDP for the countries with ten largest economies:

Economic Growth by Country

The bar-mekko captures both growth rate and GDP in the same chart.  You can see that India's relatively smaller economy will be growing significantly faster than China and the USA's much larger economies.  You can also see that the greatest growth will come in the less developed larger economies of India, China and Brazil.  I added GDP as a data row so that the sizes of each economy can be more easily compared.  I sorted the countries from highest to lowest growth and used the legend feature and chart colors to group the data by region.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: