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50 Most Innovative Fintechs

April 18, 2019/by David Goldstein
Bar-mekko chart of US yogurt market growth and share by category

US Yogurt Market Growth

April 10, 2019/by David Goldstein
Cascade/waterfall charts of change in CO2 by country and by technology from 2017-2018.

Changes in CO2 Emissions

April 4, 2019/by David Goldstein
100% stacked bar chart of income and spending for average US household

US Household Spending

March 28, 2019/by David Goldstein
Marimekko chart of Facebook and Google spend by each presidential candidate for week of March 3-10, 2019.

Presidential Candidates Social Media Spend

March 21, 2019/by David Goldstein
Marimekko chart of high-speed rail lines in km by country and region, based on data from ICU

High-Speed Rail Lines Worldwide

March 14, 2019/by David Goldstein

Growth in US Music Industry Revenue

March 7, 2019/by Diane Rich
Marimekko chart showing time spend on sleep, school, leisure and bar chart showing gender differences.

How Do Teenagers Spend Their Time?

February 28, 2019/by David Goldstein
100% stacked bar chart of Apple's revenue by category and region and expense by category for Q1 2019

Apple Revenue and Expense Profile

February 21, 2019/by David Goldstein
Bar-mekko chart of smartphone and mobile phone penetration in 6 emerging economies

Mobile Phone Penetration in Emerging Economies

February 14, 2019/by David Goldstein
Marimekko chart of 20 decacorns by country based on data from CB Insights and valuations as of January 2019.

Decacorns—World's Largest Unicorns

February 7, 2019/by David Goldstein
Marimekko chart of organization affiliation of 83 economics Nobel laureates

Nobel Laureates in Economics

January 31, 2019/by David Goldstein
Stacked bar chart of box office revenue for best picture nominees from 2014-2018

Best Picture Nominees’ Box Office Revenue

January 25, 2019/by David Goldstein
Bar charts of US startup funding dollars and number of deals from 2014-2018

Start-Up Funding

January 17, 2019/by David Goldstein
100% stacked bar chart of ride-hailing use by age, education and income in U.S., based on data from Pew Research

Who Uses Uber and Lyft?

January 10, 2019/by David Goldstein
100% stacked bar chart of homeless by age, gender, race, ethnicity, location, and sheltered status, based on data from HUD.

Profile of America’s Homeless

January 4, 2019/by David Goldstein
100% stacked bar chart and bubble chart showing U.S. wine customer segmentation

Wine Customer Segmentation

December 19, 2018/by Diane Rich
100% stacked bar chart of skiers and ski resorts by region worldwide

Worldwide Ski Market

December 13, 2018/by David Goldstein
Cascade/waterfall chart of immigrant contribution to U.S. workforce growth 1995-2015-2035.

Immigrants Drive Growth in U.S. Workforce

December 6, 2018/by David Goldstein
Cluster bar chart of percentage of Indians with access to ikndoor toilets from 2014-2018.

India's Toilet Building Initiative

November 29, 2018/by David Goldstein
Marimekko chart of holiday spent on gifts for familiy and others and non-gift items like food and decorations.

Holiday Spending Plans

November 20, 2018/by David Goldstein
Marimekko chart with data rows of cost for main, sides and dessert for 10 person Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Dinner Cost

November 15, 2018/by David Goldstein
Bar charts of wealth per capita, wealth growth and total wealth of top 10 African countries.

Top 10 Wealthiest Countries in Africa

November 7, 2018/by David Goldstein
100% stacked bar chart of internet users, internet crime victims and victims losses by age with loss per victim as a data column.

Internet Crime’s Impact on Older Americans

November 1, 2018/by David Goldstein
Stacked bar charts of craft liquor growth 2014-2022 in cases and dollars.

Craft Liquor’s Rapid Growth

October 25, 2018/by David Goldstein
Bar-meko chart of pedestrian fatality rate in 10 largest US cities with data rows for city population and total fatalities.

Most Dangerous US Cities for Pedestrians

October 18, 2018/by David Goldstein
Marimekko chart of doctoral degrees granted by gender and field.

Doctoral Degrees Granted by Field and Gender

October 11, 2018/by David Goldstein
Horizontal stacked bar chart showing large over-budget construction projects with data columns for percentage over budget and years late.

Over-Budget Construction Projects

October 4, 2018/by David Goldstein
100% stacked bar c hart of consumer debt by category in 2008 and 2018, based on Federal Reserve data.

Student Loan Debt Growth

September 27, 2018/by David Goldstein
Marimekko chart of US wedding costs based on weddingwire data

Cost of Weddings in America

September 20, 2018/by David Goldstein
100% Horizontal Bar Chart of Higher Education Funding by Source by Country

Funding for Higher Education Around the World

September 12, 2018/by Diane Rich
Marimekko chart of US workers with traditional and gig economy jobs

Workers in the Gig Economy

September 6, 2018/by David Goldstein
Scatter Chart of Wealth and Cost of Living by State

Comparing Wealth and Cost of Living by State

August 29, 2018/by Diane Rich
Bar Charts of Total U.S. Wine Consumption, By Price Tier and Channel

Growth in U.S. Wine Consumption

August 22, 2018/by Diane Rich
Horiziontal bar chart showing beer prices around the world

The Price of a Pint of Beer Around the World

August 13, 2018/by Diane Rich
Bubble chart of top cities based on tech job growth and tech salaries

Top North American Cities for Tech Jobs

August 8, 2018/by Diane Rich
Horizontal bar chart of 10 largest market cap losses and bar mekko chart of tech company stock performances

A Rough Quarter for Some Tech Stocks

August 2, 2018/by Diane Rich
Cascade/waterfall chart of Microsoft's FY 2018 earnings and change from 2017.

Microsoft's Record Earnings

July 26, 2018/by David Goldstein
Bar line chart of netflix net subscriber additions by quarter and variance from forecast.

Netflix Missed Subscriber Additions

July 18, 2018/by David Goldstein
The edible insect market is expected to grow at 24% per year, over the next 5 years, surpassing $1B worldwide. Compared to other species, insect farming is gentler on the environment.

Edible Insect Market Growth

July 12, 2018/by David Goldstein