I'd like to create presentations with dark backgrounds to use for projection to large groups, but when I use dark backgrounds, my Mekko charts don't appear correctly. Is there a way for presentations with dark backgrounds to work for Mekko charts?

You now have the ability to set a Mekko Graphics chart to be optimized for a presentation with a dark background. This means that the chart will adjust its axis and line colors to white in order to accommodate for presentations with a dark background.

To do this, choose Dark Background from the Mekko Graphics tab in PowerPoint®. Choosing this menu item will mark it with a checkmark, indicating that any new chart in the presentation will have dark background optimization.

Dark Background Button on Mekko Graphics Ribbon

Once selected, if you edit an existing chart, the axis and line colors will change to a white color for better display on a slide with a dark background.

If you wish all existing charts in your presentation to be optimized for dark backgrounds, select this menu item, and then you can simply choose the menu item Update all Charts, which will automatically update any charts on slides which have Dark Background checked.

If you wish to remove this setting for your presentation, simply uncheck the toggle for Dark Background from the Mekko Graphics menu in PowerPoint®.

If you now edit an existing chart, the axis and line colors will be reset to dark to better display on a slide with a white background.
Dark Background Mekko Chart

Does Mekko Graphics support different languages?

Yes, if you are interested in using Mekko Graphics in another language, please contact support@mekkographics.com, and we will help you to set up your software to support another language.

Can I change the default colors and fonts in Mekko Graphics?

Absolutely. The Mekko Graphics Preference Manager allows you to have full customization of Color Definition, Draw Order, Font Selection, Font Size, Default Region, and Miscellaneous chart settings, as well as the ability to export and import your custom preference manager settings.

The Mekko Graphics Preference Manager gives you more control over color choices and draw order, fonts, and other charting options. In addition, an import and export function allows multiple users at one organization to share their preference choices. To access the Preference Manager, Mekko Graphics must be installed on your machine. Once Mekko Graphics is installed, simply go to the Mekko menu in PowerPoint® and select Launch Preference Manager.

How does Mekko Graphics display segment or bar values with a zero value?

Certain charts have specific rules for how values of zero are displayed in the chart.

In Mekko and Bar charts, if a series is displayed as a bar and a segment in that series has a value of zero or is blank, the segment is not drawn in that chart and the label for that segment is ignored (will not exist in the Label Manager).

  • For Cluster Bar charts, if a bar has zero height due to the sum of the bar segments equaling zero, the bar is displayed at a net height of zero and both the bar labels and totals are displayed. If all segments are zero, the bar label is displayed, but no segment or total labels are displayed. They also are not displayed in the Label Manager.
  • For a bar of zero width (Marimekko or Bar-Mekko), segment labels are not displayed and bar labels and bar totals reside in the Label Manager as Unplaced.
  • For Line or Bar Line charts, if a segment value (point) is blank, Mekko Graphics will not draw a line through that point. If the segment value is zero, Mekko Graphics draws a line through the zero point value.
  • For Area charts, if a segment value is blank or zero, it is treated as zero value.
  • For Pie Charts, if a segment value is blank or zero, the segment is not drawn and the segment label is ignored (will not exist in the Label Manager).

Can I change the scale of my Y axis?

The default scale of your axes are computed, meaning that Mekko Graphics computes the scale based on your data and the type of chart you are creating. However, you may customize your axis scale by clicking the Manual Scale radio button in Format > Axes. Once you click the manual scale button, the minimum, maximum, and tick interval fields become enabled, allowing you to enter values.

Format axis scale

Select the minimum and maximum axis value as well as the tick interval (the interval between axis values).