I am not an Administrative user on my machine. Is this a problem?
You must have Administrator rights to install the Mekko Graphics software. To determine if you have Administrator rights, go to Control Panel – Admin Tools – Computer Management – Local Users and Groups, find your name, right click on it and select Properties. Click the ‘Member Of’ tab and see if you are a member of the Administrator group. If not, you may wish to contact your IT department to change your Administrative properties or to assist you with the install. If you still experience problems, please contact Mekko Graphics support atsupport@mekkographics.com.

Is activation required?
Yes. You must activate your Mekko Graphics software within the 10-day trial period beginning upon installation. If you do not activate the software, you will be prevented from using it after the 10 days. During the 10-day trial period you have full use of the software and all of its features. There are optional reminders during the grace period so that you can use the software immediately and activate it when it is most convenient to do so.

What happens if I get a new computer and want to install Mekko Graphics software on the new computer?
Uninstalling Mekko Graphics will automatically deactivate your license and make it available on the new machine. If you do not have access to the machine, please contact us at support@mekkographics.com.

I activated my license a few weeks ago and now would like to register. How can I register my software or find out if I have already registered my license?
Once you have activated your license, you will immediately be prompted to register. If you did not do so at the time of activation, you can still register your license at any time.

Insert a Mekko Graphics chart and double click the PowerPoint® object to launch Mekko Graphics. Go to the Mekko Help File and choose Register.

You may not register more than once, so if you have already registered, you will not be given the option to register again and will receive the following message.