I’ve downloaded the trial version of Mekko Graphics software from the Internet and I have a ‘watermark’ impression on all my slides. Why is this appearing?

Once you download and install Mekko Graphics, you will have a time-limited, fully functional, but unactivated version of the software. You will be able to generate charts for the duration of your trial period; however, the charts will have a watermark visible in both Mekko Graphics and in PowerPoint®. As long as the software is not activated, the watermark will continue to appear. The watermark will appear if you have not yet purchased the software. The watermark is removed when you purchase the software and activate your license.

Can I import my custom palettes and draw orders into Mekko Graphics?

Yes, you can import custom .xml files containing custom colors and draw orders into Mekko Graphics. Launch the Preference Manager from the Mekko Graphics menu in PowerPoint. Go to the Advanced tab and choose Import… Navigate to the desired Mekko Graphics  .xml file you wish to import and click OK.

Import Palettes

I would like my Y axis to be vertical, not horizontal on my charts. Is this possible?

Yes, the Preference Manager provides customization of colors and fonts, as well as other miscellaneous functions, including Y axis orientation. The Regions tab in the Preference Manager allows you to select the Mekko Graphics default setting that corresponds to your geographical area. Once you choose your region, you may overwrite the default settings by choosing the Customized radio button and creating a custom definition for your region. Customized settings in this tab are saved for each region.

Vertical Y Axis

Can I save specific colors for a chart that will retain regardless of my Preference Manager settings?

Yes, you can now create custom colors for segments or series in your chart right within Mekko Graphics. To do this, go to the Format Segments tab and open the Color drop down menu under the Series section. If you want to create a new color on the fly, click the More Colors button.

Format Series

Here, you may create a new color by selecting on the palette or by directly typing in a RGB value.

Custom Color Picker

Click OK. These custom colors will retain in your chart until you change them.