The latest version of Mekko Graphics incorporates a full range of shortcuts for those of you who prefer the keyboard. Download the one page Guide to Shortcuts or the new Shortcuts for Gantt Charts.

Chart (Global) Shortcuts

Hide/Remove Selected Object Del
Edit Label F2
Sort F3
Restore Label F5
Annotate F6
SpellCheck F7
Restore Selected Object F9
Smartplace F11
Format Selected Object F12

Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y

Format Chart Alt+C
Format Series Alt+S
Format Bars Alt+B
Format Axes Alt+A
Format Legend Alt+L

Open PManager Alt+P
Apply PM Settings Shift+Alt+P

Show Data Editor Enter
Show Label Manager Ctrl+Enter
Chart Properties Ctrl+Alt+Enter

Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Paste Special Ctrl+Shift+V
Insert Ctrl+Shift+=
Delete Ctrl+Minus
Clear Conditional Formatting Shift+Del
Clear Content Del
Sort, Ascending Ctrl+Shift+A
Sort, Descending Ctrl+Shift+Z
Custom Sort Ctrl+Shift+S
Format Cells Ctrl+1
Fill Right Ctrl+R
Fill Down Ctrl+D
Insert Date Ctrl+Alt+;
Find Ctrl+F
Replace Ctrl+R
Edit in Excel Ctrl+Shift+E

Show/Hide X Axis Alt+X
Show/Hide Y Axis Alt+Y
Show/Hide 2Y Axis Alt+2
Show/Hide Bar Totals Alt+T
Show/Hide Margins Alt+M
Reset Margins Atl+F9,M
Show/Hide Legend Ctrl+L

Show All Shift+Alt+A
Hide All Shift+Alt+H
Show First Bar Only Shift+Alt+F
Show Last Bar Only Shift+Alt+L
Show as Outlier Shift+Alt+O
Show Line Segment Values Shift+Alt+S
Show Net Line Values Shift+Alt+N

Show Series Name Alt+N
Show Values Alt+V
Show Values and Names Alt+H
Number Only Alt+Shift+#
Percent Only Alt+Shift+%
Number and Percent Alt+Shift+$

Select All Ctrl+A
Select Modified Ctrl+Alt+M
Reverse Selection Ctrl+Shift+A
Restore Selected F5
Restore All Alt+Shift+F5
Restore All Modified Alt+F5
Smartplace all Unplaced Alt+F11
Annotate all Unplaced Alt+F6
Place All Manual Alt+F5

Insert Average Line Insert, A
Insert Growth Line Insert, G
Insert Bar Comparison Line Insert, B
Insert Segment Comparison Line Insert, S
Insert Vertical Line Insert, V
Link All Segments Insert, L

Restore All Average Lines Alt+F9,A
Remove All Average Lines Alt+Del, A
Restore All Growth Lines Alt+F9,G
Remove All Growth Lines Alt+Del, G
Restore All Bar Comparison Lines Alt+F9,B
Remove All Bar Comparison Lines Alt+Del, B
Restore All Segment Comparision Lines Alt+F9,S
Remove All Segment Comparision Lines Alt+Del, S
Restore All Vertical Lines Alt+F9,V
Remove All Vertical Lines Alt+Del, V
Restore Serment Link Formatting Alt+F9,L
Remove All Manual Segment Links Alt+Del,L

Horizontal Alt+Up
Vertical Alt+Right
Y Axis Side Swap Ctrl+Alt+Y
Reverse X Axis Ctrl+Alt+X
Toggle H/V Alt+Shift+Up

First on Bottom F3,Down
First on Top F3, Up
Reverse for Nevative F3,Minus
Biggest on Top F3,A
Biggest on Bottom F3,Z

First on Left F3,Left
First on Right F3,Right
Highest on Left F3,Shift+[
Highest on Right F3,Shift+]
Widesest on Left F3,[
Widest on Right F3,]

Link Alt+E,L
Link To Selected Range Alt+E,S
Remove Link Alt+E,Del
Refresh Link Alt+E,R
Open Linked File Alt+E,F

Selected Object Shortcuts

Edit Label F2
Hide Del
Restore F5
Place Ctrl+F5
Annotate F6
Smartplace F11

Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Align Left Ctrl+L
Align Right Ctrl+R
Align Center Ctrl+E
Increase Font Size Ctrl+Shift+>
Decrease Font Size Ctrl+Shift+<
Horizontal Ctrl+Right
Vertical Ctrl+Up
Slanted Ctrl+/
Asian Vertical Ctrl+Down

Show/Hide Annotation Line Ctrl+.
Increase Annotation Indent Ctrl+]
Decrease Annotation Indent Ctrl+[
Smart Annotate Selected Ctrl+Shift+

Align Tops Ctrl+Shift+Up
Align Bottoms Ctrl+Shift+Down
Align Middles Ctrl+Shift+M
Align Lefts Ctrl+Shift+Left
Align Rights Ctrl+Shift+Right
Align Centers Ctrl+Shift+E
Make Horizontal Spacing Equal Ctrl+Shift+H
Make Vertical Spacing Equal Ctrl+Shift+V

Compute Scale F9
Set Automatic Bar Gaps F9
Hide Del

Show as Placeholder Ctrl+Alt+P
Show as Total Cascade Ctrl+Alt+T
Show Bar Label Ctrl+Alt+W
Include Bar in Sort Ctrl+Alt+S
Show on Chart Ctrl+Alt+9
Show in Data Column Ctrl+Alt+8
Show on Chart and Data Ctrl+Alt+7
Show as CAGR Ctrl+Alt+6
Hide Ctrl+Alt+0

Show as Net Line Ctrl+N
Show as Bar Ctrl+Q
Show as Line Ctrl+J
Show on 2Y Ctrl+2
Show on Chart Ctrl+9
Show in Data Row Ctrl+8
Show on Chart and Data Ctrl+7
Hide Ctrl+0
Show Regression Line Ctrl+K
Show Regression Labels Ctrl+W
Show Line Ctrl+P
Is Outlier Ctrl+O

Reverse Direction Ctrl+D
Show Title only Ctrl+T
Show Value Only Ctrl+V
Show Title and Value Ctrl+H
Show as CAGR/Value Ctrl+Shift+G
Number Only Ctrl+Shift+#
Percent Only Ctrl+Shift+%
Number and Percent Ctrl+Shift+$
Remove Line Del
Restore Line F9
Format F12
Restore Label F5

Increase Axis Break Height Ctrl+Plus
Decrease Axis Break Height Ctrl+Minus