Join us for a webinar to learn how to get the most from your Mekko Graphics subscription. We'll show you how to use charting software to make more compelling charts in less time. 

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Recorded Webinars

Mekko Graphics Product Training

Learn how to use Mekko Graphics to create each of the key chart types, including the top strategy charts--Marimekko, Bar Mekko, Cascade and Bubble charts.

Key Topics:

  • Sorting bars and series to highlight conclusions without altering your underlying data
  • Applying colors to your charts using a range of Smart Color options
  • Using key productivity boosting tools like the Preference Manager, Chart Gallery and Slide Tools to save time
  • Adding chart enhancements (data rows/columns, average, comparison, growth lines) to reinforce your message
  • Using CAGR growth lines and CAGR columns to emphasize changes over time

New Features

David Goldstein shows you how to use some of the new features in the latest release of Mekko Graphics for Windows.

Key Topics:

  • How to use the new Link to Pivot Table function to automatically update your charts when your Pivot Table changes.
  • How to copy formatted Excel data into PowerPoint
  • Applying  Office colors to charts
  • Sorting bars in waterfall charts

10 Finance Charts

Learn how and when to use the charts from the 10 Finance Charts guide.

Key Topics:

  • How to present financial results and recommendations from financial analyses
  • Guiding your audience to insights using analytical enhancements
  • Tips and best practices for using each of the 10 charts

10 Strategy Charts

Learn how and when to use the charts from the 10 Strategy Charts guide.

Key Topics:

  • Answering specific business questions with these templates
  • Choosing the right chart and guiding your audience to insights
  • Tips and best practices for using each of the 10 charts

Ask an Expert

Learn from the questions others have submitted to Ask an Expert.

Key Topics:

  • Structuring your data
  • Simplifying your charts
  • Segmenting data
  • Calculating percentages in a marimekko chart
  • Adding a total to a bar mekko chart

10 Ways to Use a Cascade/Waterfall

See the many use cases for a cascade/waterfall chart.

Key Topics:

  • Presenting financial statement results
  • Analyzing change and identifying key drivers
  • Assessing performance relative to plan and highlighting gaps
  • Segmenting a market
  • Tips for structuring your data to save time

Ask an Expert

Learn from the questions your colleagues are asking. In this session, David Goldstein shares his responses to recent Ask an Expert submissions.

Key Topics:

  • How to change the frequency of X axis labels
  • How to use Excel data without reformatting
  • Adding text to a chart in data rows or a legend
  • Using color palettes and setting colors by company
  • Replicating charts in Excel
  • How to animate a Mekko Graphics chart

Making Charts Using Excel

Learn how to use Mekko Graphics in Excel to create charts in both Excel and PowerPoint.

Key Topics:

  • Creating a cascade/waterfall chart and marimekko chart in Excel
  • How to save time when organizing your data in Excel
  • Using automatic or manual options to update charts when data changes
  • How to copy an Excel chart and replace the data
  • Linking an existing chart to an Excel data range

Building Better Marimekkos

Learn how to use our namesake chart, the Marimekko, in your next presentation.

Key Topics:

  • What is a market map?
  • How to combine small series into an Other series
  • Using sort options and data scaling in a marimekko chart
  • How different color options impact your chart

Customizing Your Charts in Less Time

Harness the power of the Preference Manager to simplify chart formatting and save time.

Key Topics:

  • How to create a color palette in the Preference Manager
  • Set your formats once ans save time each time you create a chart
  • How to apply Preference Manager settings to charts from a colleague or older chart

Creating Better Cascade Charts

Learn how to use cascade/waterfall charts more effectively in your PowerPoint presentations and Excel workbooks. See examples of each type of cascade chart and learn some of the best practices for cascade charts.

Key Topics:

  • Creating a build up cascade chart using Income Statement data
  • How to use a change cascade to highlight revenue drivers
  • Using a stacked cascade chart when your data is more complex
  • Improving readability by choosing a horizontal cascade chart

Best of the Chart of the Week

See which charts from the Chart of the Week series were the most popular in 2017 and learn how to create these charts using Mekko Graphics. David Goldstein also shares some of his personal favorites from the Chart of the Week series

Key Topics:

  • Creating a horizontal stacked bar chart with a data column
  • Making a bubble chart with many series
  • Coloring a marimekko chart after sorting the data
  • Learning to use dashboards to make a compelling argument

Improving Your Productivity

David Goldstein shares his favorite tips for using Mekko Graphics to make charts faster. He'll show you his Top 10 tips, including:

  • How to quickly format numbers and manage labels
  • How to move a chart between Excel and PowerPoint
  • How to use a pivot table to make a Marimekko chart

Tips and Tricks for Using Mekko Graphics

We'll share some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you get the most from your Mekko Graphics subscription.

Key Topics:

  • Using the Mekko Graphics data editor to save time when making charts
  • Ways to efficiently manage chart labels, especially for small series
  • Using data rows and data columns in unique ways

Profit Improvement Analysis

David Goldstein shares a BMW case study to demonstrate how to create a compelling profit improvement story.

Here are some of the topics he addresses:

  • Assessing overall profitability and trends
  • Drilling down to understand key drivers of profitability
  • Using a cascade (waterfall) chart to discuss profit improvement options
  • Tips and tricks for improving the key charts used for analyzing profitability

Chart Makeovers

Learn how to improve your charts by changing to a different chart type or adding analytical enhancements.

Here are some of the topics covered in this webinar:
• Adding data and enhancements to make a bar chart more powerful
• Showing financial statement trends in a stacked bar with a CAGR column and a data row
• Changing a bar chart into a bar mekko for greater impact
• Transforming media charts into data-driven charts you can use

Ask an Expert

In this webinar, David Goldstein shares his answers to questions submitted Ask An Expert. You'll get answers to several questions, including the following:

  • How can I make my company appear at the bottom and the Other segment appear at the top with all other series sorted?
  • How do I make a clustered stacked bar chart?
  • Is it possible to apply color to a marimekko chart using a secondary variable?
  • Can I reverse the X axis on a cascade (waterfall) chart so it builds down rather than up?

Using Mekko Graphics in Excel

Learn how to use Mekko Graphics in Excel to improve your productivity.

Key Topics:

  • Linking existing charts in PowerPoint to Excel to facilitate easy updates
  • Creating a chart in Excel using a pivot table
  • Adding charts to a monthly reporting package in Excel

How To Analyze a Market

We will show you how to analyze a market and communicate your analysis using a range of Mekko Graphics charts. You'll learn how to highlight market segments and competitors and present options to improve growth and profitability.

How To Choose The Best Chart

Puzzled by which is the right chart to use? We'll show you how to choose the best chart based on the question you are trying to answer or the message you are trying to convey. You will see a wide range of sample charts and you can take them to modify for your presentations.

Market Maps

Learn how to create a Market Map using Mekko Graphics. We begin by showcasing sample Market Maps to demonstrate the power of this chart type. We also discuss the overall approach, including data collection, and show the you the key steps to creating one using the marimekko chart type.