Marimekko Chart of U.S. Presidents by Qualification Category

Resume Profile of Past US Presidents

With the presidential debate season in full swing, there is much talk about the differences in qualifications among the candidates.  The chart below provides some context for this discussion.  The most relevant resume qualification (in the judgement of the blog author) for each of the 43 US Presidents is presented.

Presidential Experience

The Marimekko chart allows you to easily see both how many and which presidents fall into each resume category.  I moved the category names (bar labels) from the bottom to the top of the chart, hid the bar totals and grand totals on the top, and added totals as a data row to the bottom of the chart.  I could have also added the years each president served.  This would have made the chart more cluttered, but it also would have let the reader see that all the presidents since JFK have been either a VP, governor or US Senator.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: