Bar mekko chart of Olympic medals by sport for summer and winter games and funding per medal

Return on USOC Investment by Sport

The U.S. is currently dominating the medal count in Rio. Bloomberg published a story earlier this month analyzing the USOC's investment in various sports. We used that data to create this bar mekko chart comparing medal count by sport to the USOC investment in that sport. You can see that the medal-leading sports also have the highest USOC investment.

USOC Bar Mekko 2 Chart Only

We used separate series in this chart for Summer and Winter sports to facilitate a legend and make it easier to color the chart. By using Funding per Medal as a data row, we made it easier to see how the returns compare for each sport. We sorted this bar mekko by the highest medal count.

For comparison purposes, we created a second bar mekko using this data, but we plotted Funding per Medal on the Y axis and showed U.S. Medals Won as the data row. We sorted this bar mekko by the widest bar (highest total USOC funding). This allowed us to highlight 2 team sports, Hockey and Soccer. Hockey was the 5th highest sport in terms of funding and had the highest cost per medal and Soccer was the 13th highest in terms of funding with the next highest cost per medal.

USOC Bar Mekko 1 Chart Only

You can download both of these charts using SlideShare.