Bar Chart of Direct and Indirect Revenue by Quarter

How Can I Provide More Detailed Tracking of Revenue by Channel and Product?

In my last post, I presented a 100% stacked bar chart that can be used to track sales of multiple product lines through multiple channels.  I also mentioned that a four chart deck or a four chart slide would provide more detail.  The charts are below:

This first chart provides a channel overview, allowing the reader to spot trends in the proportion of sales made through the direct and indirect channels.

The next two charts break down revenue by product line within each channel over time, allowing the reader to spot trends in specific product lines within the channel.

The last chart  focuses on the last quarter and presents both channel and product line sales in a Marimekko chart.  This provides a quick snapshot of both dimensions (channel and product line) in a single chart.

You can download this 4 chart deck here: