Cascade (Waterfall) Chart of Sales Gap Analysis

Sales Gap Analysis: Tracking Sales Versus Target

Are you on track to meet your sales goal?  How many more opportunities do you need to add to the pipeline to meet your goal? A sales gap analysis with this simple cascade chart helps answer these questions:

Sales Gap Analysis Waterfall Chart

The first and last columns are straightforward.  The sales team closed $398K in business year-to-date and its yearly sales target is $3,000K.  The  second through fifth columns represent the value of opportunities in the sales pipeline.  I use weighted value in these columns.  That is, I multiply the value of opportunities in the qualified lead stage by the probability that deals in this stage will close.  The sixth column contains the gap.  In our example, the sales team will need to bring enough deals into the pipeline and bring them to close by year-end to generate $692k in revenue.

I use this sales gap analysis to track Mekko Graphics enterprise sales against our yearly goal and find it very helpful.  It's a key part of the sales pipeline dashboard that is up on SlideShare with the link below: