Bubble chart maps smartphone unit sales growth and cost per unit by region

Smartphone Sales Growth Worldwide

Emerging economies had lower priced smartphones and higher unit sales growth in 2017, as shown in this bubble chart. Emerging Asia had the lowest price smartphones at under $200 and a growth rate of 8%.  Central and Eastern Europe had a 9% growth and average prices of about $250.  In Latin America, smartphones sold for over $300 per unit and sales grew about 9%.  The Middle East and Africa trailed the other developing economies with a growth rate of 4% and prices of $235.  GfK provided the data for this chart.

Developed economies and China had flat or declining unit sales.  Prices in China were about $335 and growth was 1%.  North America had 2% growth and prices about $415 per unit.  Western Europe experienced a 4% decline in sales and its prices were about $445.  Developed Asia had the highest per unit prices at $645 per unit and had sales decrease 6%.

Smartphone Bubble Chart

Bubble chart maps smartphone unit sales growth and cost per unit by region

How I Created The Bubble Chart

GfK provided data on dollar and unit sales of smartphone by region in 2016 and 2017.  I copied this data from the web into Excel and used formulas to compute cost per unit and growth rates.  Bubble charts in Mekko Graphics require the following data:

  • series name--region in this chart
  • X value--cost per unit
  • Y value--growth in units sold
  • bubble size--number of units sold

I created the appropriate spreadsheet in Excel and created the bubble chart in PowerPoint based on the selected Excel range.

Here are the formatting steps I took:

  • adjusted chart margins
  • adjusted x and y axis minimum, maximum and tick interval to space out the bubbles
  • added axis break on the x axis to move the developed Asia bubble closer to others in the chart
  • changed the reference bubble size to make all the bubbles appear larger
  • added groups for emerging and developed markets to color the bubbles appropriately
  • added quadrant lines to split the chart into four sections
  • adjusted bubble label location and font size to improve chart appearance.

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics. To learn more about bubble charts, see these examples in our Chart Gallery.  Here are some other posts that may interest you:

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