Stacked bar and bar mekko chart showing Snapchat's user growth and average revenue per user

Snap(chat)'s Performance by Region

Snap is growing at 53% per year, with its strongest growth outside of North America.  North America has 69 million active users in Q4 2016 and its base is increasing at about 41% per year.  Europe has about 53 million and a 55% growth rate.  Both regions trail the rest of the world.  While there are only 39 million users, its growth is 87%.

Snap's challenge is in growing revenue per user outside of North America.  Europe's revenue per user is only 28 cents and the rest of the world is at 15 cents.  Both are far behind North America's $2.11 per user.  The charts below summarize growth and revenue per user, based on data in Snap's S-1:

Snap Performance by Region chart only

To create these charts, I copied the data from tables in Snap's S-1.  I pasted the data into Excel.  After cleaning up the data, I created the stacked bar chart in PowerPoint from the Excel data.  I used the Mekko Graphics CAGR formula to create the CAGR column.  I also added the growth line to show worldwide CAGR.  I had to edit the growth line label as the data are quarterly and the growth line CAGR formula assumes yearly data.  I added a legend that is aligned with the CAGR column.

The bar-mekko adds average revenue per user to the number of daily active users per region.  I added an axis break, to bring the very high North America number closer to the Europe and Rest of World numbers.  I also used a linear X axis to show the relative size of each region.  I added region name and number of active users as data rows.

Finally, I combined the two charts to lay them out horizontally on a single slide.  They are more powerful together to tell the Snap revenue and growth story.  I made sure that the regions were the same color in each chart and that the chart margins were aligned.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: