Marimekko Chart/Mekko Chart of Music Spending by Type for Live and Recorded Music

How Do We Spend Our Music Dollars?

Americans spent $109 on music in 2014 with a little over 1/2 spent on live events and the rest on recorded music.  By far the single biggest item of spending was live concert admissions which accounted for $38 of the $109, about 3 times the spending on CDs.  Spending on music streaming was very small, accounting for on average of just $3.  The data from the 2014 NIELSEN MUSIC U.S. REPORT is summarized in the chart below:

Spending on Music

I prefer the Marimekko chart to show music spend than the pie/donut chart in the Nielsen report.  It allows me to split spend into its two major categories--live and recorded--and to break out the components of each category.  You can quickly see that live concert admissions dominates all other components and with a little searching you can see that streaming is still a very small part of our spend.  You can download and review the chart in SlideShare below: