Marimekko chart of Star Wars franchise revenue by category.

Star Wars Franchise by the Numbers

With the opening of The Last Jedi, the Star Wars franchise maintains its position as the top grossing movie franchise, netting $36.2B.  Franchise revenue, presented in the Marimekko chart on the left, came from a mix of box office receipts, VHS/DVD/Digital sales and sales of related products.  These related products include video games, books, and merchandise.  The data from Statistic Brain, breaks out revenue by category and sub-category.

Star Wars' domestic box office revenue, adjusted for inflation, is $6.8B, making it larger than the Marvel, James Bond and Harry Potter franchises.  The top 10 movie franchises are presented in the horizontal bar chart displayed in the middle.

The Last Jedi held its own with an opening weekend box office second only to The Force Awakens.  Opening weekend box office numbers for the ten Star Wars movies are in the bar chart on the right.  Data from The Numbers are used in the two right charts.

Marimekko Chart and Horizontal Bar Charts

Marimekko chart of Star Wars franchise revenue by category.

How I Created The Marimekko Chart and Horizontal Bar Charts

To create the Marimekko chart, I started by copying the numbers from the web into Excel.  I then separated the data into categories (columns) in the spreadsheet.  I made the Marimekko chart based on the spreadsheet data.  I used few data values in the chart as I wanted to fit the chart onto one third of my slide.   I also shortened the movie names to make the chart more readable.  The series are sorted in each bar with the highest revenue series on the bottom.  I left the bars unsorted.  I wanted the movies to show in the left-most bar, even though its revenue was lower than VHS/DVD/digital sales.  I annotated the two smallest series labels (Clone Wars and Television).  Finally, I used the Y axis title as my chart title.

The other two charts are horizontal bar charts.  I created one first and then copied it to keep my margins for the two charts the same.  I used highlight colors for the two segments (Star Wars in the middle chart and Last Jedi in the right chart) that I wanted to feature.  All other segments are a neutral gray.

Take These Charts and Make Them Your Own

Download these charts and edit it using Mekko Graphics.

See more examples of Marimekko charts here.  To learn more about how to make Marimekko charts, watch this video.