Bar Chart with Survey Results

Strategy Consultants Use a Simple Stacked Bar chart for Survey Results

Strategy Consultants often conduct surveys and use stacked bar charts to communicate their results.  These charts can show variation in responses across a set of questions.  The stacked bar can also show differences in how respondent groups answer the same question.

The chart below comes from a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) white paper entitled, "Consumers Seek Hard Data on Health Care Outcomes."

Strategy Consultant's Bar chart

The bar charts show the percentage of respondents in each country who selected "somewhat agree" or "strongly agree" in response to each statement.
SOURCE: Strategy Consultants BCG Consumer Sentiment Barometer, Spring 2012

In this case, the strategy consultants examine differences in whether consumers want to be able to choose a health care provider by country.  Note that countries are sorted from highest to lowest and that an average line allows you to determine if a specific country is above or below average.

The authors added a bit more information by adding a second question to the chart.  You can see that not all countries who want choice are willing to pay for it.