Mekko Graphics Perpetual Licenses Are No Longer Eligible for Upgrade or Support

As of January 1, 2014, Mekko Graphics perpetual licenses are no longer eligible for upgrade or support. Mekko Graphics made this change in an effort to maintain the highest level of support and to better serve our current subscribers.

Who is affected?

  • If you purchased Mekko Graphics 3 or 4, you have a perpetual license and you are no longer eligible for upgrades or support.
  • If you purchased Mekko Graphics 5 or 6 on or before February 1, 2012 you also have a perpetual license and you are no longer eligible for upgrades or support.
  • If you purchased after February 1, 2012, you have an annual subscription and you don’t need to do anything. (Note: as long as annual subscriptions are active they are also eligible for free upgrades and support).

What does the end of upgrade and support mean?

  • As of January 1st, 2014, there are no free or paid assisted support options for perpetual license customers.
  • We no longer provide version downloads on our website for perpetual license customers.

If I have a perpetual license, what should I do? 
To ensure ongoing access to support and all upgrades, switch to an annual subscription. This option ensures that you continue to be supported and allows you to upgrade to the latest features as soon as they are available. To purchase a subscription click here. Once your transaction is completed you will be emailed a link to the latest version of the software and a new serial number.

If you have downloaded a perpetual version of the software, you can install and use it.  Perpetual license versions of Mekko Graphics are no longer available for download as of December 31, 2013.

How to determine your version of Mekko Graphics

Current Version

Current Version

Mekko Graphics 5

Mekko Graphics 5

Mekko Graphics 4

Mekko Graphics 4

About Annual Subscriptions

We changed our license model from a perpetual license to a subscription-based license, and therefore no longer sell Mekko Graphics as a perpetual license. This change in our licensing model was made to better serve our customers.  Since our software is tightly integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, we must be able to provide our users with new releases that are compatible with the latest versions of Office and the latest service packs.  Further, we are committed to adding new features to Mekko Graphics to make it more powerful and easier to use so you get the latest and greatest throughout the year!

Each license is valid for one year from date of purchase. A license for Mekko Graphics is issued to  individuals and not to machines. Therefore, individual users may install Mekko Graphics on any number of machines (i.e. on both their work and home machines).

Subscribers will be able to download and install new upgrades throughout the year at no additional cost.  Subscriptions also include free and unlimited access to our email support services. Our software is delivered electronically. You will receive a link to our web server to download and install the software and a license key to activate it.

Our Mekko Graphics Portal makes it easy to add users to an active serial number, renew an expired serial number, or renew a serial number that expires within 60 days. This video demonstrates how to use our portal to add and renew Mekko Graphics licenses.