Marimekko Chart of the Sales Pipeline by Deal Stage

Supporting Sales Management with Mekko Graphics Charts

I received the following "Ask The Expert" question:

"I am VP Sales + Marketing at a company engaged in manufacturing & sales of machine tools.  What type of charts will be useful in managing and controlling sales activities ?"

I have written several blog posts focused on monitoring and controlling sales.  One of my favorites is:  If you have a defined sales pipeline, you can use a Marimekko chart to track it.  Here is an example from a professional services firm:

Marimekko Chart of the Sales Pipeline

The key is to identify three to five phases of the sales pipeline.  You might need to consolidate some of the phases to make the chart more readable.  Next group your opportunities in one of two ways:

  • select the largest opportunities and group the smaller into an "Other" category.
  • group opportunities by geography or industry vertical.

I have a few other blog posts on tracking sales by channel and product line (e.g.,  I also did a webinar in December that was focused on understanding revenue (