100% stacked bar chart profiling FY 2021 Nike revenue by product category, consumer type, channel and region.

Nike Brand Revenue Profile

Footwear accounts for more than twice the Nike brand revenue…
Horizontal 100% stacked bar charts of aquatic liter materials and sources across different aquatic environments.

Aquatic Litter Materials and Sources

Plastics are the most common aquatic litter material across all…
100% stacked bar chart of internet unconnected worldwide by region.

Internet Unconnected

Most of the 3+ billion internet unconnected are in Asia and Africa.…
100% stacked bar chart of media consumption by U.S. adults from 2011-2021.

Changing Media Consumption

Over the last decade, U.S. adults increased their time spent…
100% stacked bar chart of smartwatch shipments for Apple, Huawei and others for CY 2019 and 2020.

Smartwatch Market Leaders

Apple and Huawei increased their combined share of the smartwatch…
Older Americans hold a disproportionate share of US household wealth, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart. The 41% of American adults over 55 account for 70% of the household wealth.

Generational Wealth Gap

Older Americans hold a disproportionate share of US household…
100% stacked bar chart of wireless only, wireless and landline, landline onloy and phoneless among US adults overall and by age, education, and poverty status.

Wireless Only Phone Users

Most American adults rely solely on wireless phones. The principal…
100% stacked bar chart of mobile app store spending and downloads for 2020 comparing Apple Store and Google Play

Mobile App Store Activity

When compared to Google Play, Apple Store accounted for 65% of…
100% stacked bar chart comparing uber revenue mix in q3 2019 to q3 2020

Uber Revenue Mix

The pandemic shifted Uber revenue mix from ride-hailing to Eats,…

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Amazon Revenue and Profit by Business 100% Stacked Bar Chart