100% stacked bar chart of skiers and ski resorts by region worldwide

Worldwide Ski Market

The Alps dominate the ski market, as shown in this 100% stacked…
100% stacked bar chart of internet users, internet crime victims and victims losses by age with loss per victim as a data column.

Internet Crime’s Impact on Older Americans

Internet crime disproportionately affects Americans 50 and over…
100% stacked bar c hart of consumer debt by category in 2008 and 2018, based on Federal Reserve data.

Student Loan Debt Growth

Student loans now account for 11% of US consumer debt, up from…
100% stacked bar chart of proportion of world's commodity demand from China.

China's Outsized Demand for Commodities

China's demand for commodities well outstrips its relative population…
Marimekko chart of US mobile gaming by time and dollars spent

Mobile Gaming Market

While most of the 187M mobile gamers in the US play less than…
Stacked bar chart comparing revenue for technology giants

Tech Giant Revenue Mix

The five tech giants have very different revenue mixes as shown…
100% stacked bar chart showing 2016 US vehicle sales for all-electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrids vehicles by vehicle size

Large Vehicles Dominate Sales of All-Electrics

Most all-electric cars tend to be larger than hybrids and plug-in…
100% horizontal stacked bar of revenue by state from tobacco, gambling and alcohol

State Sin Tax Collections

States rely on tobacco, alcohol and gambling taxes for 4% of…

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