100% Stacked Bar of Billable Hours by Project

Tracking Project Backlog in a 100% Stacked Bar Chart

How much work do I have in the backlog?  Is it concentrated…
100% Stacked Bar of Billable Hours by Project

Displaying Billable Hours by Client

Professional services firms track billable hours by client and…
Bar Chart of Segmented Email Campaign Results

What is the best chart for measuring the success of a segmented email campaign?

A Mekko Graphics user sent me some data on emails sent and emails…
Staacked Bar Chart of Consumption Volume Trend for Domestic and Imported Wines in China

Webinar Video and Slides--Building Effective Strategic Charts

I did my first strategic charting webinar this week.  I showed…
Exploding Bar Chart to show details of other category

Show IT Spend by Vertical Market in a 100% Stacked Bar Chart

I found some Gartner data on IT Spend in 2010.  I'll use it…
Stacked Cascade/Waterfall Chart of Dunkin Donuts Stores by Region

Announcing Our New Webinar--Building Effective Strategic Charts

I'm excited to deliver a webinar on December 11 and 10:30 (EST).  …
Scatter Chart of Restaurant Stock Valuations

Have a Charting Question? Ask Me ('The Expert').

I'm excited to start an 'Ask an Expert' feature on our web site. …
Stacked Bar Chart

How Can I Include Percentage Detail in a Revenue by Channel and Product Chart?

I promise this is my last post on the subject.  I shared my…

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State Sin Tax Collections 100% Stacked Bar Chart