4 chart dashboard shows growth in revenue and net income, income statement and segment analysis for Q1 2019.

Amazon's Q1 2019 Results

Amazon's sales were up just 17% but net income reached its highest…
Stacked bar chart of ingredient cost for snack recipe from Whole Foods and Walmart

Super Bowl Snack Cost: Amazon vs. Walmart

The stacked bar chart summarizes the cost of the ingredients…
Stacked bar chart comparing revenue for technology giants

Tech Giant Revenue Mix

The five tech giants have very different revenue mixes as shown…
Stacked Bar Chart of growth in broadcast, cable and online series 2010-2017

Is There Too Much to Watch on Television?

The number of original scripted television series grew 12% per…
100% stacked bar chart with data column of sales by channel (E-commerce and brick & mortar) for FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)

E-Commerce Growth in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

E-commerce sales of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) grew 21.1%…
Cascade chart/waterfall chart with Amazon's Q3 2017 revenue growth by segment

Amazon's Record Quarter

Amazon's Q3 2017 revenue was $43.7 billion, up 34% or $11B from…
Bar mekko chart with profit growth for Q1 2017 for top technology firms

Tech Giant Profit Growth

The five largest U.S. tech firms had first quarter profit growth…
Stacked bar chart of Amazon sales and operating income by business

Web Services' Contribution to Amazon's Revenue and Profits

Cloud computing, in the form of Amazon's Web Services (AWS),…

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100% Stacked bar chart showing market share in the US search market
Bar chart comparing revenue mix for large tech companies