100% stacked bar chart of Apple's revenue by category and region and expense by category for Q1 2019

Apple Revenue and Expense Profile

The iPhone contributes 62% of Apple’s sales, as shown in the…
Horizontal bar chart of 10 largest market cap losses and bar mekko chart of tech company stock performances

A Rough Quarter for Some Tech Stocks

Technology stocks have been the talk of the earnings season.…
Marimekko chart of app market by region and split between iOS and Andriod.

Global App Market Map

Apple's iOS controls over 60% of the $146B market as shown in…
Bubble chart maps smartphone unit sales growth and cost per unit by region

Smartphone Sales Growth Worldwide

Emerging economies had lower priced smartphones and higher unit…
Stacked bar chart comparing revenue for technology giants

Tech Giant Revenue Mix

The five tech giants have very different revenue mixes as shown…
Gantt Chart Tracking iPhone X delivery from ZhengZhou to Newton, MA

iPhone X Journey from Factory to Home

I followed closely as my new iPhone X traveled almost 10,000…
Stacked bar charts and cascade charts showing changes in Apple revenue and profits in Q4 2017

Apple's Q4 Results in Four Charts

Apple’s revenue was increased from $47B in Q4 2016 to $53B…
Bar mekko chart with profit growth for Q1 2017 for top technology firms

Tech Giant Profit Growth

The five largest U.S. tech firms had first quarter profit growth…
Cascade charts of Apple's revenue change by product and region for Q3 2016

Apple's Quarterly Revenue Results Explained

Apple reported that its Q3 2016 revenue was down to $42B from…

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Bar chart comparing revenue mix for large tech companies