Bar-mekko chart of PC shipment growth for top 5 manufacturers from 1Q20/1Q21.

PC Shipments Growth

PC shipments grew 55% year over year during the first quarter…
Bar mekko chart of covid-19 impact on international tourism by region

Covid-19 Tourism Impact

International airline arrivals fell 56% worldwide from Jan-May…
Horizontal bar chart of covid deaths in long-term care as a percentage of total covid deaths by state

US COVID Deaths in Long-Term Care

For most states, the majority of Covid-19 deaths were in long-term…
Marimekko chart of CO2 emissions from domestic and international air travel by country

Air Travel Emissions

Ten countries account for 60% of air travel emissions, as shown…
Bar chart of per capita meat consumption in 5 countries and 100% stacked bar chart of meat consumption by type in each country and world average

Meat Consumption by Country and Type

Both amount of meat consumption and mix of meat type consumed…
Marimekko chart of doctoral degrees granted by gender and field.

Doctoral Degrees Granted by Field and Gender

While more women than men earned doctoral degrees, the ratio…
100% Horizontal Bar Chart of Higher Education Funding by Source by Country

Funding for Higher Education Around the World

The OECD recently released a state of education report, which…

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Top 10 Military Budgets Bar Mekko Chart