Waterfall charts of added renewable capacity in 2020 when compared to 2019 by technology and region.

Renewable Capacity Additions

Renewable capacity additions in 2020 expanded by more than 45%…
Bar-mekko chart of US yogurt market growth and share by category

US Yogurt Market Growth

While the largest yogurt categories are shrinking, Icelandic…

Growth in US Music Industry Revenue

Music industry revenues in the U.S. were up $1B in 2018 according…
Stacked bar charts of craft liquor growth 2014-2022 in cases and dollars.

Craft Liquor’s Rapid Growth

Craft liquor sales in the U.S. are growing at over 20% per year,…
Scatter Chart of Wealth and Cost of Living by State

Comparing Wealth and Cost of Living by State

If I asked you “Which state has the highest % of millionaires?”…
Wimbledon Prize Money, Beverage Consumption and Revenue in 4 Charts

Snapshot of The Championships, Wimbledon

Qualifying rounds for The Championships, Wimbledon have commenced…
Sample Charts Using Axis Breaks, CAGRS, Data Rows, Data Columns and Special Characters

5 Ways to Enhance Your Charts

Mekko Graphics is loaded with features to help you make better…

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