Stacked bar charts of craft liquor growth 2014-2022 in cases and dollars.

Craft Liquor’s Rapid Growth

Craft liquor sales in the U.S. are growing at over 20% per year,…
Bar chart of 20 highest paid athletes of 2018

Highest Paid Athletes

Floyd Mayweather was by far the highest paid athlete as shown…
Bar chart of above/below par for each hole at Masters

The Masters Hole by Hole

The easiest holes to gain strokes at the Masters golf tournament…
Bar chart with medals per capita for 2018 Winter Olympics

Winter Olympic Medals per Capita

While Norway won the most medals, Liechtenstein did the best…
Horizontal bar chart comparing the cost of a Starbucks latte by city

Cost of a Starbucks Latte Around the World

Starbucks' tall lattes vary from a high of $5.76 in Zurich to…
Bar charts comparing sales of natural/organic and conventional proteins during Thanksgiving

Eating Organic for Thanksgiving

While Americans will be eating a great deal more turkey, ham…

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