Horizontal bar chart comparing the cost of a Starbucks latte by city

Cost of a Starbucks Latte Around the World

Starbucks' tall lattes vary from a high of $5.76 in Zurich to…
Bar charts comparing sales of natural/organic and conventional proteins during Thanksgiving

Eating Organic for Thanksgiving

While Americans will be eating a great deal more turkey, ham…
Stacked bar chart showing child mortality by region from 1990-2016

Worldwide Decline in Child Mortality

Deaths in children under 5 have declined by 55% worldwide from…
Bar Chart with Survey Results

Strategy Consultants Use a Simple Stacked Bar chart for Survey Results

Strategy Consultants often conduct surveys and use stacked bar…
Stacked Bar Chart with Shading

Using Color and Shading to Group Elements in Your Charts

I like to use 100% stacked bar charts with a single bar.  They…
Bubble Chart Showing Cost Benchmarking of Major Urban Districts

Strategy Consulting firm BCG's Study of the Philadelphia Schools

It's often hard to determine which types of charts to use in…

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