100% stacked bar chart and bar mekko chart of air conditioning units and household penetration

Air Conditioning Around the World

The scorching summer in the Northern Hemisphere has left many…
Bar-mekko chart of smartphone and mobile phone penetration in 6 emerging economies

Mobile Phone Penetration in Emerging Economies

Less than a quarter of the adults in India own a smartphone,…
Bar-meko chart of pedestrian fatality rate in 10 largest US cities with data rows for city population and total fatalities.

Most Dangerous US Cities for Pedestrians

Phoenix and Dallas had the highest per capita pedestrian fatality…
Bar mekko chart showing the top 5 sectors for venture capital investment in Q3 2017.

Top 5 Sectors for Venture Capital Deals

Internet and healthcare were the sectors with the most venture…
Bar chart with a line next to the data in Excel

How to create a chart from Excel data

If you're creating charts that will require periodic updates,…
Bar mekko chart of 2016 U.S. auto sales by competitor

US Auto Sales Up .4% in 2016

US auto sales grew .4% in 2016.  Nissan and Honda led the largest…
Bar mekko chart showing percentage of immigrants and number of immigrants for Top 10 immigration countries

Top 10 Countries for Immigrants

Since immigration is a global hot topic, I decided to compare…

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