Bar-mekko chart of forecast five year growth in UHNWIs by region and current number of UHNWIs in each region.

Growth in the Wealthy by Region

The number of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) will…
Bar-mekko chart of US yogurt market growth and share by category

US Yogurt Market Growth

While the largest yogurt categories are shrinking, Icelandic…
Data sheet for chart

Spend Less Time Preparing Your Data

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning up your data before you create…
Bar mekko chart showing cost per driver and population of the ten most congested US cities.

Traffic Costs in America’s Most Congested Cities

Traffic congestion costs the average driver about $2,500 per…

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Projected Growth in Airline Traffic Bar Mekko Chart

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Bar Mekko Chart of Apple's Profit by Product
Bar Mekko Chart with Market Share of Category Leaders by Technology Sector
Bar Mekko Chart of U.S. Nutritional Supplement Growth by Segment
Bar Mekko Chart of BMW Sales Growth by Region
Bar Mekko Chart of Starbucks Sales Growth by Channel