Bubble chart maps smartphone unit sales growth and cost per unit by region

Smartphone Sales Growth Worldwide

Emerging economies had lower priced smartphones and higher unit…
Bubble chart showing growth in travel spending, average spend per visit, and number of overnight visitors for top 20 destination cities

Top 20 Global Travel Destination Cities

Dubai led all cities with over $2,000 in spending per overnight…
Bubble chart summarizing creative schools, jobs and population for the 10 large U.S. cities

Top 10 Creative Cities in the US

The two largest cities in the US, New York and Los Angeles, are…
Bubble chart of European beer consumption by country in 2015

European Beer Consumption

The Czech Republic has the highest per capita beer consumption…
Bubble chart showing visit days, spending per day and visits for Top 10 UK destinations

Top 10 UK Travel Destinations

London had over 18 million visitors in 2015, which was the most…
Bubble Chart Showing Cost Benchmarking of Major Urban Districts

Strategy Consulting firm BCG's Study of the Philadelphia Schools

It's often hard to determine which types of charts to use in…

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Bubble Chart of Smartphone and Internet Penetration by Asian Country