ROS/RMS Bubble Chart of the Soft Drink Industry

Introducing Our Latest Version!

I'm happy to announce that the latest version of Mekko Graphics…
Line Chart Showing iPhone's Cannibalization of the iPod Over Time

Visit us at the MIT Sloan Private Equity Symposium

Mekko Graphics is a sponsor of the MIT Sloan Private Equity Symposium…
Marimekko of Global Market Data and Analysis Market

Using a Marimekko Chart to Map the Financial Data Analysis Market

Here is a great example of using a Marimekko chart to map a market. …
Marimekko of Deals Won by Product Line

Last Week's Sales Activity in 3 Marimekko Charts

I track three types of sales activity--new opportunities, opportunities…

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Grupo Gayosso

Gruppo Gayosso uses Mekko Graphics to assess its full operating potential

A Better Chicago

A Better Chicago Delivers on Venture Philanthropy Mission


Incoho Saves $35 million with Mekko Graphics charts
Marimekko Chart of European Broadband Market by Country and Competitor in a Marimekko Chart
Bar Mekko Chart of Apple's Profit by Product
Cascade/Waterfall Chart of Global Wine Production Volume