Waterfall chart of decline in US private sector employment by industry for April and May 2020, based on data from ADP.

US Employment Decline Slows

Private sector employment decreased by 2.8M jobs or 3% in May.…
Waterfall chart of change in US private sector employment from march to April 2020 by sector to measure impact of COVID-19.

COVID Impact on US Employment

Private sector employment decreased by over 20 million jobs or…
Cascade chart of differene between cost of public and private college and line chart of tuition increases in colleges over the past decade.

Public and Private College Costs

Average cost for private colleges  is more than double public…
Cascade chart of cost of fully loaded Mac Pro as compared to the base model with data rows showing upgrades for processor, memory, graphics and storage.

Cost of Fully Loaded Mac Pro

The Mac Pro with a base price of $5,999 can cost almost $53,000…
Build-up cascade chart of market capitalization of all the Global 100 companies by country, including number and per cent of market cap per country

Global 100 By Country

The 100 largest companies are concentrated in the US and China.…

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