Cascade/waterfall chart of Distribution and Number of Teams in Each NCAA Conference

March Madness Profits by NCAA Conference

Eight of the 32 NCAA division one conferences received 2/3 of…
Cascade/waterfall Chart of Converting Crops Produced Into Crops Consumed by Kcals

Converting What We Grow to What We Eat

Two-thirds of the crops we grow are not converted to calories…
Cascade/Waterfall Charts of Valentine's Day Spending by Recipient and Gift Type

Valentine's Day Spending: What Are We Buying and Who Are We Buying For?

Americans will spend almost $19 billion on Valentine's Day gifts.…
Cascade/Waterfall Chart Detailing Who Benefits from Immigration Proposals

Unauthorized Immigrant Executive Action--Who Benefits?

President Obama 's new executive action will benefit 3.9 million…
Cascade/Waterfall Chart of Revenue and Profit for University of Texas Football

The Most Profitable College Football Program--U Texas

How profitable is college football in the US?  The University…
Cascade Chart of Amazon's Cost Advantage

Amazon's Cost Advantage in a Cascade Chart

Ever wonder why Amazon can provide all sorts of products at very…
Cascade (Waterfall) Chart of Sales Gap Analysis

Sales Gap Analysis: Tracking Sales Versus Target

Are you on track to meet your sales goal?  How many more opportunities…
Staacked Bar Chart of Consumption Volume Trend for Domestic and Imported Wines in China

Webinar Video and Slides--Building Effective Strategic Charts

I did my first strategic charting webinar this week.  I showed…

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Valentine's Day Spending Cascade Chart/Waterall Chart
Converting Crops to Food Cascade/Waterfall Chart