Cascade Chart of Amazon's Cost Advantage

Amazon's Cost Advantage in a Cascade Chart

Ever wonder why Amazon can provide all sorts of products at very…
Cascade (Waterfall) Chart of Sales Gap Analysis

Sales Gap Analysis: Tracking Sales Versus Target

Are you on track to meet your sales goal?  How many more opportunities…
Staacked Bar Chart of Consumption Volume Trend for Domestic and Imported Wines in China

Webinar Video and Slides--Building Effective Strategic Charts

I did my first strategic charting webinar this week.  I showed…
Stacked Cascade/Waterfall Chart of Dunkin Donuts Stores by Region

Announcing Our New Webinar--Building Effective Strategic Charts

I'm excited to deliver a webinar on December 11 and 10:30 (EST).  …
Cascade Chart of College Degree Cost

Using a Cascade Chart to Compare Average to Top Performing Colleges

How much less does it cost a top quartile college to deliver…
Cascade/Waterfall Chart for Eight Trillion Dollar Trends

Cascade Chart -Tracking Eight Trillion Dollar Trends

Bain and Company created a white paper last year with many excellent…
Cascade and Marimekko Charts Showing Population Growth

Tracking Growth with a Marimekko Chart and Cascade Chart

Here is a charting example using a cascade chart and  a Marimekko…

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