Stacked bar chart of top 3 rivalries in each major US sport and cluster bar chart with segment comparison lines of most unbalanced rivalry in each sport.

Top Sports Rivalries

Giants versus Dodgers and Red Sox versus Yankees are the top…
Cluster bar charts comparing percentage of 20-24 and 70-74 year olds with driver's licenses and the number of licensed drivers in the two age groups.

Driving Among Younger and Older Americans

A smaller percentage of Americans 20-24 have are driving, while…
Cluster bar chart of percentage of Indians with access to ikndoor toilets from 2014-2018.

India's Toilet Building Initiative

India has built almost 90 million indoor toilets over the past…
The edible insect market is expected to grow at 24% per year, over the next 5 years, surpassing $1B worldwide. Compared to other species, insect farming is gentler on the environment.

Edible Insect Market Growth

The edible insect market is projected to grow about 24% per year…
Cluster bar chart of use by device type and age

Tech Device Use by Older Americans

Smartphones and computers have the widest adoption among Americans…
Cluster bar chart of box office from best picture and #1 box office 2009-2018

Best Picture Winner Compared to Box Office #1

The Best Picture Oscar winner lags far behind the top box office…
Stacked cluster bar showing U.S. Car and Truck Sales by Month

Can I make a stacked cluster bar chart?

A user recently asked how to combine the stacked bar and cluster…
Bar mekko chart comparing winning percentage for leaders by surface

Tennis Leaders by Surface

The French Open begins in just a few days and oddsmakers agree…
Horizontal bar chart comparing Massachusetts test scores by category to OECD, US and Singapore

Massachusetts Students Test Performance

Massachusetts students scored higher than the US and OECD averages…

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Cluster Bar Chart of Smartphone Shipments and Operating Margin by Manufacturer