Horizontal bar chart of smartphone users and penetration in top 20 markets.

Smartphone Penetration

Smartphone penetration varies among the top 20 markets, ranging…
Horizontal bar chart of top streaming services with data column containing growth rates for each

Top Streaming Services

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Spotify have the most subscribers…
Horizontal bar chart of top 25 automakers by market capitalization with data on annual vehicle sales for each.

Top 25 Automakers by Market Capitalization

Tesla’s market capitalization is over 3 times Toyota’s, even…
Horizontal bar chart of the top 25 private equity firms based on 5 year funds raised.

25 Largest Private Equity Firms

The Blackstone Group, The Carlyle Group and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts…
Marimekko chart of UNESCO World Heritage Sites by region and type.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Almost half of the 1,121 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Europe…
Horizontal bar chart of the top 25 colleges based on total capital raised by their graduates.

Top 25 Colleges for Entrepreneurs

Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and MIT lead all colleges in entrepreneurial…
Horizontal bar chart Top 25 MBA programs for entrepreneurs, including capital raised, number of companies founded and top company.

Top 25 MBAs for Entrepreneurs

Harvard, Penn and Stanford lead all MBA programs in entrepreneurial…
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Spend Less Time Preparing Your Data

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning up your data before you create…

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