Horizontal bar chart of the top 25 colleges based on total capital raised by their graduates.

Top 25 Colleges for Entrepreneurs

Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and MIT lead all colleges in entrepreneurial…
Horizontal bar chart Top 25 MBA programs for entrepreneurs, including capital raised, number of companies founded and top company.

Top 25 MBAs for Entrepreneurs

Harvard, Penn and Stanford lead all MBA programs in entrepreneurial…
Data sheet for chart

Spend Less Time Preparing Your Data

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning up your data before you create…
100% stacked bar chart of internet users, internet crime victims and victims losses by age with loss per victim as a data column.

Internet Crime’s Impact on Older Americans

Internet crime disproportionately affects Americans 50 and over…
Mekko and Excel

10 Excel Tips You Should Know

The HBR article, 10 Excel Functions Everyone Should Know, inspired…
Horizontal stacked bar chart showing large over-budget construction projects with data columns for percentage over budget and years late.

Over-Budget Construction Projects

Olympics account for 3 of the top 6 over-budget projects. The…
Horiziontal bar chart showing beer prices around the world

The Price of a Pint of Beer Around the World

After several weeks of technology charts, I thought it would…
Line chart with price changes for key grocery items 2007-2017

Grocery Price Changes 2007-2017

Some common grocery items had had significant price increases…

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Amazon Revenue and Profit by Business 100% Stacked Bar Chart
State Sin Tax Collections 100% Stacked Bar Chart