100% stacked bar chart of internet unconnected worldwide by region.

Internet Unconnected

Most of the 3+ billion internet unconnected are in Asia and Africa.…
Horizontal 100% stacked bar chart with demographic profile of online dating app and site users in U.S., based on Pew Research survey

Online Dating Users Profile

Thirty percent of U.S. adults say they have used online dating,…
Stacked bar chart of mobile and desktop internet advertising growth from 2009-2018

Desktop vs. Mobile Internet Advertising Revenue

Mobile internet advertising revenue grew at a 77% annual rate…
100% stacked bar chart of internet advertising revenue by platform, time of year, market concentration and advertising format

Internet Advertising Revenue Profile

Mobile accounted for 65% of the $107.5B internet ad revenue in…
100% stacked bar chart of internet users, internet crime victims and victims losses by age with loss per victim as a data column.

Internet Crime’s Impact on Older Americans

Internet crime disproportionately affects Americans 50 and over…

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