Marimekko chart of cloud data centers by owner and region.

Global Cloud Data Centers

Microsoft, Amazon, Google and IBM spread their global cloud data…
Marimekko chart of cloud computing market split into IaaS and SaaS and broken down by competitor.

Cloud Computing Market Map

The highly fragmented SaaS market is more than twice the size…
Marimekko chart of current-gen game console sales globally and by region

Current-Gen Game Consoles

Nintendo's Switch accounts for over 80% of current-gen game consoles…
Marimekko chart of 2020 Nike revenue by region and product category.

Nike Revenue Breakdown

Footwear accounts for most of Nike revenue in all regions, as…
Marimekko chart of GDP by state grouped by region.

GDP by State

Southeast, Far West and Mideast each account for about 20% of…
Marimekko chart of Amazon market share in ecommerce, digital advertising, online grocery and cloud computing.

Amazon Market Share by Segment

Amazon market share leads the $909B ecommerce market at 40% and…

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