Marimekko chart of CARES Act stimulus spending broken down by category and subcategory.

CARES Act $2T Stimulus Bill

While individuals receive the largest share of the CARES Act…
Marimekko chart of child nutrition by region and split between under and overweight, based on UNICEF data.

Child Malnutrition Worldwide by Region

Malnutrition affects 29% of school age children worldwide. In…
Marimekko chart of European footballers with transfer value over 50M euros by league and position.

Most Expensive Footballers

England has 45% of the 166 European footballers valued over €50M,…
100% stacked bar chart of time spent on smartphones, tablets and desktops in 2017 and 2019. Marimekko chart of time spent on apps and web in smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Time Spent on Digital Media

Americans spend 70% of their digital media time on smartphones,…
Marimekko chart of total US state tax revenue sources by category (sales, income and other) and by type within category.

Total US State Tax Revenue

Sales and income taxes account for almost 9 out of every 10 of…
Marimekko chart of CO2 emissions from domestic and international air travel by country

Air Travel Emissions

Ten countries account for 60% of air travel emissions, as shown…
Marimekko chart of transfer spending for each squad in top 4 European football leagues, highlighting spending of top clubs in each league.

Value of European Football Squads

The top 5 squads in the biggest leagues in European football…
Marimekko chart of 50 most valuable sports teams worldwide grouped by sport.

Fifty Most Valuable Sports Teams

US-based football, basketball and baseball teams make up 42 of…

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