Marimekko chart of top US music genre artists for mid-year 2019

Top Genre Artists in US Music

The top 5 R&B/Hip Hop artists had the highest sales, but…
Marimekko chart of restaurant food costs by category and vendor

How to Create a Marimekko Chart in Excel

If you’re new to the marimekko chart type, you’re in for…
Marimekko chart of energy consumption by fuel type and region

Global Energy Consumption

Oil continues to be the top fuel source globally, but there are…
Bar chart with a line next to the data in Excel

How to create a chart from Excel data

If you're creating charts that will require periodic updates,…
Marimekko chart showing the U.S. population by voting behavior in 2016

How many voters selected Trump and Clinton?

You may be surprised to see that a very small segment of the…

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