Marimekko chart of app market by region and split between iOS and Andriod.

Global App Market Map

Apple's iOS controls over 60% of the $146B market as shown in…
Marimekko chart of U.S. craft beer production by state and region

Craft Beer Market Map

There are more than 5,200 craft breweries in the U.S. according…
Marimekko chart summarizing European Union membership

EU Membership

The EU is two months into the 2-year process of the negotiating…
Marimekko chart of the U.S. Home Entertainment market in 2016

US Home Entertainment Market

Digital revenue surpassed revenue from physical channels in the…
Marimekko Chart of Medical Device Revenue by Category and Competitor

The Fragmented Medical Device Market

The $375 billion medical device market is highly fragmented.…
Marimekko of Global Market Data and Analysis Market

Using a Marimekko Chart to Map the Financial Data Analysis Market

Here is a great example of using a Marimekko chart to map a market. …

Why Use a Marimekko Chart?

Marimekko Chart Showing IT Spending by Customer Size and Solution Type

Using a Marimekko Chart to Map a Market

Consultants and strategic analysts often want to map a market…

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Craft Beer Production in the U.S. Marimekko Chart/Mekko Chart
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