Marimekko chart showing health insurance coverage for Americans

US Health Insurance Coverage

Fifty-six percent of Americans, 178 million, are privately insured.…
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Marimekko chart of unicorn valuations by sector

Valuations of Recent Unicorn Exits

The 44 unicorns that had exit events in 2015 and 2016 had valuations…
Bar chart with a line next to the data in Excel

How to create a chart from Excel data

If you're creating charts that will require periodic updates,…
Marimekko chart of NFL team spending by position

NFL Team Spending by Position

NFL teams spend the most on quarterbacks, even though they only…
Marimekko chart as a heatmap

Can I use a Marimekko like a Heatmap?

A user recently asked us how to make a heatmap marimekko chart.…
Marimekko Chart of Medical Device Revenue by Category and Competitor

The Fragmented Medical Device Market

The $375 billion medical device market is highly fragmented.…
Marimekko Chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average Component Stocks by Sector

How is the Dow Calculated?

The Dow closed on September 29th at 16,049.  Where did that…

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