Marimekko chart of top US music genre artists for mid-year 2019

Top Genre Artists in US Music

The top 5 R&B/Hip Hop artists had the highest sales, but…
Horizontal bar chart of 10 largest market cap losses and bar mekko chart of tech company stock performances

A Rough Quarter for Some Tech Stocks

Technology stocks have been the talk of the earnings season.…
Data sheet for a stacked bar chart
Marimekko chart of energy consumption by fuel type and region

Global Energy Consumption

Oil continues to be the top fuel source globally, but there are…
Marimekko chart of app market by region and split between iOS and Andriod.

Global App Market Map

Apple's iOS controls over 60% of the $146B market as shown in…

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U.S. Government Spending by Mission Marimekko Chart/Mekko Chart

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Exports from Least Developed Countries Marimekko Chart/Mekko Chart
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