Waterfall chart of Apple revenue change from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021

Apple Revenue Growth

Apple revenue growth of $19.6B was led by a $9.6B increase in…
Marimekko charts of Fiat-Renault vehicle sales by region

Fiat-Renault Combined Sales

The proposed Fiat-Renault combination will provide Renault with…
Stacked bar chart of baggage fee revenue for top 6 US airlines from 2010-2018

Airline Baggage Fees

While revenue from baggage fees increased by $1.3B among the…
100% stacked bar chart of Apple's revenue by category and region and expense by category for Q1 2019

Apple Revenue and Expense Profile

The iPhone contributes 62% of Apple’s sales, as shown in the…
Stacked bar chart of Q1 2016 results for Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet and Facebook

Comparing the Profits of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook

The largest tech firms announced their Q1 earnings in the last…

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