Marimekko of Deals Won by Product Line

Last Week's Sales Activity in 3 Marimekko Charts

I track three types of sales activity--new opportunities, opportunities…
Bar Mekko Chart of Close Rate by Product Line

Charting Sales Close Rate with a Bar-Mekko

One way to increase sales revenue is to increase the percentage…
Cascade (Waterfall) Chart of Sales Gap Analysis

Sales Gap Analysis: Tracking Sales Versus Target

Are you on track to meet your sales goal?  How many more opportunities…
Marimekko Chart of the Sales Pipeline by Deal Stage

Supporting Sales Management with Mekko Graphics Charts

I received the following "Ask The Expert" question: "I am VP…
Marimekko Chart of Technology Sales Pipeline

Tracking Your Sales Pipeline with a Marimekko Chart

A Marimekko chart provides a great visual for your current sales…

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Marimekko Chart of Sales Pipeline by Deal Stage