100% stacked bar chart of estimated revenue from smartphones and relaed products and services.

Smartphone Multiplier

Sales of phones themselves make up only 51% of the $944B market…
Bar-mekko chart of smartphone and mobile phone penetration in 6 emerging economies

Mobile Phone Penetration in Emerging Economies

Less than a quarter of the adults in India own a smartphone,…
Bubble chart maps smartphone unit sales growth and cost per unit by region

Smartphone Sales Growth Worldwide

Emerging economies had lower priced smartphones and higher unit…
Bar Mekko Chart of Growth, Market Share and Average Selling Price by Competitor in China's Smarthphone Market

China's Smartphone Market is Consolidating

While China's smartphone market grew only 2.5%, the top 5 producers shipped…

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100% Stacked Bar Chart of Smartphone Sales by Price Tier