Bar chart of tablet shipments by year from 2010-2020 and stacked bar chart of tablet shipments by company for 2019 and 2020.

Tablet Shipments Rebound

After 5 years of decline, the pandemic spurred a 14% increase…
Stacked bar chart of branch bank openings, closings, and net change between 2011 and 2020 to illustrate decline in US branch banking

The Decline of Branch Banking

Branch banking in the US has been in a decline over the last…
Stacked bar chart of mobile 5G subscriptions by technology from 2020-2026.

5G Projected Growth

Mobile 5G subscriptions are projected to grow 59% annually over…
Stacked bar of California driverless car mileage 2015-2020

Driverless Car Testing in California

Driverless car testing accounted for almost 2M miles in California…
Stacked bar chart of tesla vehicle production 2016-2020 by model

Tesla Vehicle Production

Tesla vehicle production increased 113% per year over the last…
Stacked bar chart of electric car stock in US, China and rest of world with CAGR column, growth line and YoY growth.

Electric Car Growth

The number of electric cars has grown at 80% annually over the…
Line and stacked bar charts showing apple product and services revenue for last 4 years.

Apple Services Revenue Growth

Apple’s revenue from services is growing faster than its product…

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Netflix International Growth Stacked Bar Chart
Growth in Worldwide Tourism Stacked Bar Chart