Cascade/waterfall Chart of Converting Crops Produced Into Crops Consumed by Kcals

Converting What We Grow to What We Eat

Two-thirds of the crops we grow are not converted to calories…
Cascade/Waterfall Charts of Valentine's Day Spending by Recipient and Gift Type

Valentine's Day Spending: What Are We Buying and Who Are We Buying For?

Americans will spend almost $19 billion on Valentine's Day gifts.…
Cascade/Waterfall Chart Detailing Who Benefits from Immigration Proposals

Unauthorized Immigrant Executive Action--Who Benefits?

President Obama 's new executive action will benefit 3.9 million…
Cascade/Waterfall Chart of Revenue and Profit for University of Texas Football

The Most Profitable College Football Program--U Texas

How profitable is college football in the US?  The University…
Cascade Chart of Amazon's Cost Advantage

Amazon's Cost Advantage in a Cascade Chart

Ever wonder why Amazon can provide all sorts of products at very…

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