Bar mekko chart with profit growth for Q1 2017 for top technology firms

Tech Giant Profit Growth

The five largest U.S. tech firms had first quarter profit growth ranging from 5% to 76%.  Facebook led the way with 76% growth from Q1 2016 to Q1 2017 and a Q1 2017 net income of over $3B.  Amazon, the smallest of the big 5, had a 41% profit growth and a $720M net income.  Alphabet and Microsoft had growth rates of 29% and 28% respectively, based on net incomes of $5.43B and $4.8B.  Apple trailed the other four in growth at only 5%, but led in net income with over $11B.  The Bar Mekko chart below summarizes the quarterly results:

Facebook’s 2017 Q1 profits were 76% higher than 2016, leading the top 5 U.S. tech giants. While Apple trailed with a 5% increase, its profit was double its nearest rival.

The Bar Mekko chart allows us to show both profit growth and most recent net income in the same chart.  Profit growth is depicted as bar height and current net income as bar width.  I also showed net come as a data row at the bottom of the chart.  The bar mekko allows you to easily see both which of the tech giants had the highest growth and how big that company is relative to its peers.  In this quarter, it seems that growth is inversely related to size with the biggest company (Apple) experiencing the smallest growth and with the two smallest companies experiencing the highest growth.

The chart was created using the bar mekko quick launch chart in Mekko Graphics.  I just replaced the data for the first series and for the data row with the company results.  I made a few changes to create the chart above.  I hid the x axis, the chart border, and all parts of the y axis (except the axis title).  I like the look of a bar mekko without any axis or border lines.

I used the color by bar feature in Mekko Graphics 8 to quickly make each bar a different color.  I also adjusted the bar colors to improve contrast.  I did some minor changes to the font sizes and the placement of the bar label and bar total for Amazon to make it fit into the small bar.

Learn more about Bar Mekko and Marimekko charts by visiting The Power of Mekko Charts.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: